Emma Somper


G Shock & High Snobiety




Emma Jane Somper is a London based Casting Director, with 5+ years of experience in the industry. With an eye for fresh new talent, Emma champions full representation and diversity throughout every aspect of her work. From industry beginnings working as a model, to heading up the casting for the Harrods brand, including the magazine, Harrods.com and Harrods commercial projects, Emma has a full-scale view on the casting process as a whole. Her production credentials also allow for Emma to respond to a project working alongside Photographers, Editors and Stylists to ensure the whole vision is met successfully and at ease.


Paul Wetherell, Ina Lekiewicz, Rokas Darulis, Anya Holdstock, Oskar Gyllensward, Daniel Thomas Smith, Karen Collins, Ben Parks, Callum Toy, Jon Gorrigan, Lowe H Serger, Benjamin Madgwick, Jason Hetherington, Clark Franklyn, Tomas Falmer, Rui Faria, Joanna Paterson, Tomo Brejc, Sam Copeland, Stian Foss, Neil Gavin, Sune Czajkowski, Jenny Brough, Matthew Eades, Simon Lipman, Rachell Smith, Diego Merino, Gavriel Maynard.


Lula Magazine, Vogue Italia, Harrods, Mojeh Magazine, L’Official Ukraine, Make Magazine, Wylde Magazine, Schon Magazine, Volt Magazine.

Contact Agent - hello@garyrepresents.com