Dan Delgado

Makuep Artist (Hair and Grooming availble on request)

Dan is a A talented, motivated, ambitious and professional make-up artist based in London working in fashion editorial, beauty, music, video and advertising. Dan has a distinctive and contemporary approach – developed from his experience working with some of the most sought-after fashion photographers, stylist and directors. The result is reliable, highly creative and engaging work.



FT How to Spend It, Allure, British GQ, Vogue Portugal, Chaos SixtyNine, Parq Portugal, Kensington and Chelsea Magazine, Haul Rumenia, Fucking Young, GQ Midleeast, ISSUE, KALTBLUT, Also Journal, CACTUS, MMSCENE, 1883, Go Beauty, Renaissance, Candid 


Rejina PYO, Stella Mccartney, Sheep Inc, Anciela, Remain, Dora Teymur, Mazzolari, Alexandra Moura, Susana Bettencourt, Sydney- Davies, Tzuji, Vinti Andrews, Senhor Prudencio, Elite, Bavanandan, Clearhead, LSBM, Creative Blood, Blindeye Film


Iris Gold, Janset, Pearl Mackie, Kate Phillips, Sophie Hopkins, Michael Fox, Emmi, Caterina Valentino

How To Spend It


How To Spend It

How To Spend It

Wedding Special

How To Spend It


Thomas Sabo

Regina Pyo

Regina Pyo

Regina Pyo

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Also Journal

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