Jason Goh

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Hailing from Seoul, Jason(Hyensoo) Goh is a Korean-British national, Jason has been working for hairdressing industry over 15 years in London included Rush hair company (Rush Victoria for 7 years & Rush Tottenham Court Road for Company Director for 6 years)

Artists include:
Molly King, Alicemerton, Shinee Minho, Arkells music, Imajmitchell, Ruby & Kinoi Music Video, Liz Music Video.

Publications include:
Elle, Mojeh magazine, A par tpublications, L'Officiel, Ubikwis mag, Mmscene, Voltmag, Photovogue, Wonderland, Gay Times, Leica-S, Schonmagazine, Desnudo Italia, House Of Solo Mag, Teeth mag, S magazine, Contributor mag, Designscene, Overdue magazine

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