Lily Rimmer

Fashion, Celebrity & Still Life Stylist - Senior fashion editor at Glass Magazine

Lily Rimmer is a freelance fashion stylist with significant experience working in the editorial industry. From her childhood crafting bounded books of hand-drawn costume illustrations with her artist and fellow fashion enthusiast Grandpa Terry, to her Chinese history studies at The University of Leeds and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lily has always found the relationship between the past and our visual awareness fascinating. 


In 2018, she became the Managing Editor of The Glass Magazine, which is sold worldwide, after subscribing to the publication during her time in Hong Kong. In 2022, she was promoted to Senior Fashion Editor of both Glass and Glass Man, a role in which she oversees the fashion features and requires her to style and manage the creative execution of multiple shoots per issue. She has collaborated on special projects with Alexander McQueen, Supriya Lele and Chopova Lowena, from conceptualising to completion. 


Alongside The Glass Magazine, she has contributed to other international style publications such as Vogue Scandinavia, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Mojeh, Glamour Hungary and Schon!.


Her style works on sophisticated, contemporary shapes, streamlining textures and silhouettes to construct a new visual language that fuses the casual with formality. 


She lives in London and takes great inspiration from the youthful, innovative heart of the city. 

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